Barbara Mellin Exhibits her Journey through Printmaking

The McNichol Room comes alive with a captivating symphony of colors, an intricate masterpiece crafted through the mesmerizing fusion of printing and the meticulous art of carving away sections from a block, whether it be wood or linoleum.

Artist Barbara Mellin, who originally hails from Boston and now lives in Aston Mills to be closer to her grandchildren, brings her expertise in printmaking to Neumann University, exhibiting an intricate display of her work.

The show began with an artist’s reception on November 4.

A Harvard University graduate with a degree in art history, Mellin draws inspiration from her travels.

“I always liked different cultures,” she notes, infusing her works with a global flair.

Among the observers is freelance artist and pattern designer Stacie Dale, who, along with photographer Kevin Russo, shares admiration for Mellin's artistry.

Russo commends, "I love the use of color," while Dale, having experienced the delicate process herself, comments, "It's a very intricate process."

Dale also points out that Mellin's extensive travels are perceptible in her creations, stating, "She's so well-traveled in retrospect."

Mellin, while enjoying the art of printmaking, expresses a desire for a new name for the craft, considering the common association of "printing" with magazine pages.

"Technology overloads terminology," remarks Mellin, shedding light on the evolving nature of artistic expression.

Family members, including grandsons and son Jeff Mellin, grace the McNichol Room, with Jeff Mellin expressing pride in his mother's compelling work.

"She's doing interesting work," he notes, concluding with a heartfelt, "Of course, I'm proud of her."

Glenn Holmstrom, a Neumann professor of art and director of McNichol Gallery, attests that Barbara Mellin's work "reflects world travel and stands out."

Attendee Nancy Cullen emphasizes the depth of Mellin's process, stating, "It's not just putting a brush to it; it's a process."

Finally, Barbara Mellin's art serves as a testament to her worldly explorations, combining diverse cultures and intricate processes in a harmonious way. In her ability to transcend traditional perceptions of printmaking, she has demonstrated the evolving nature of artistic expression, leaving a lasting impression on those who are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy her work.