Neumann Softball vs. Southwest

Over spring break, the Neumann softball team went to Florida to compete in The Spring Games tournament; however, the team was met with major setbacks.  

The Knights went 4-6 in the tournament, getting a fresh start to their season, while also spending time together and bonding as a team. 

After their time in Florida, the softball team was eager to return home to enjoy the last few days of their break. However, what should have been a short flight home turned into a nightmare and an excruciating test of endurance. 

The original flight through Southwest Airlines was scheduled to depart at 4 p.m. but was delayed initially to 6 p.m. due to unsafe weather conditions.  

The flight was additionally delayed until 12 a.m., forcing the team to begin the long waiting game that was to follow. At this time, they were informed that they would have to fly into the D.C. airport and take a bus back home.  

Once arriving at the airport, the team anxiously awaited their 12a.m. flight; however, just minutes before boarding, the flight was delayed again indefinitely until ultimately getting cancelled at 3 in the morning.  

The team came to the realization that they would have to spend the night at the airport after already waiting for almost 12 hours to return home. During this time the coaches and people responsible did their best to handle the situation.  

Sophomore catcher Emily Ammon said, “I would definitely describe it as organized chaos. A lot was going on but the coaches did their best to get us home as safely and as soon as possible.” 

The team also did their best to maintain composed while enduring the wait trying to hold off the boredom and bonding as a team as a result. 

From Emily, “Sitting in the airport we got to meet other people and bond as a team. One of my favorite memories was playing uno as a team on the airport floor and having these three small kids watch and eventually, they joined in and played with us all around 1 in the morning.” 

After surviving the night in the airport, the team then had to take a bus home from Florida, which is a 14-hour drive, but the team was just happy that they had a way home. However, things still weren’t great, as the team's luggage was sent to the D.C. airport on the flight that the team was meant to go on. 

The knights finally returned home and the luggage was retrieved in D.C. by coach Shannon Padula, putting an end to the airport troubles.  

Despite the woes, some players managed to look on the experience in a positive light. 

From junior pitcher Olivia Ammon, “Getting home from Florida was nothing less than an experience but a memory I will have forever. It definitely was not my first choice on how to get home, but it remained a journey throughout. Honestly, it felt long and tiresome at the time since I just wanted to get home. Flight delays and cancellations, sleeping in the airport, no luggage, and a 14+ hour drive home, how many people would ever get to say all that happened on their college spring break trip.”