Neumann University Women's Softball team to compete with Desales

Neumann University softball has been one of the most closely watched sports teams on campus over the past few years. 

 The team’s rise to popularity came through social media with a TikTok page and being stranded on their trip to Florida this year only brought them more attention, but right now the team is currently facing some major adversity. The team is on a losing streak.  

Neumann softball may have been cold the last few games, but they have an opportunity change the narrative of their season this Wednesday when they get to showcase their capabilities against DeSales university. 

The matchup between Neumann University and DeSales University will mark the second year in a row that they will play each other, after playing them twice last year. Their next game will be on Wednesday, April 10, being a double header game.  

Last year, these two programs squared off on the softball field on April 11, 2023, with Neumann coming back and winning the game 3-2 after giving up two runs in the first inning and not scoring until the 7th. During the final inning, they scored three runs to end the game on a walk off.  

Despite the excitement of last year's game, it was unfortunately the only time Neumann University had ever beaten DeSales in softball, with their all-time record being 1-3 against them dating back to 2012.  

This game has a lot riding on it because of the history of these two teams and the need for the Knights to improve their record over the next few games. 

“We just need to keep going out there and putting the work in and continue to keep working hard, I’ll never lose hope in this team and who we are,” said sophomore catcher Emily Ammon. 

The team, throughout all the ups and downs, still has confidence in themselves. Their work ethic continues to strive for improvement as they continue to compete every time they step on the field, giving everything they have.  

The DeSales game is going to be an exciting matchup and it will be very interesting to see which team comes out on top.