New class schedule set for fall 2023

The upcoming 2023-2024 academic school year for Neumann students will come with changes to the schedule.

In contrast to the current schedule, the new class times will include 50- and 65-minute block classes and one open period every day.

Dr. Katie Barnes, the interim vice president for academic affairs and former college president, had constructed the new schedule to cater to the interests of both the student body and faculty. 

Over the past few months of the first semester, various Neumann students had voiced their complaints about the current schedule, saying they did not have much time for clubs and activities. Many student-athletes also felt overwhelmed by the lack of time they had to explore their other interests and hobbies.

In October, Barnes proposed referring to an older schedule that Neumann had utilized in past years as a solution.

The new schedule cuts down the time spent in classes and opens a 50-minute time block for students to relax, attend clubs or activities, and eat lunch. It also allows faculty to have time for committee meetings.

Barnes noted that research has proven the attention span of students is greatest within a shorter period of time. She is hopeful that the 50 and 65 minutes blocks will increase student engagement.

Having consistent time blocks will help students know their schedules easier and give them more flexibility to students.

The shorter class times meet the accreditation standards, and Barnes felt  there would be no conflict with the new times. She is confident that the changes will be beneficial to both students and faculty.

Barnes states, “We’re trying to make it easier and remove barriers for students. I think that by giving an hour every day should be positive…to have a break …This community is incredible…I think this just fits very well into the RISES values by having just 50-minute blocks every day to pause and to reflect and to carry on the Franciscan way.” 

After consulting with the registrar, students, and staff from each department, Barnes determined that the majority of faculty were in favor of changing the current schedule.