The disorderly function of an organized RESLife family

The concept of family embodies mutual reliance, accountability, and a collective effort to nurture growth and uphold a shared legacy.  

Within the confines of Neumann's campus, the RESLife community stands as the epitome and pillar of these ideals for me. Here, we not only exemplify the core RISES values but also serve as a steadfast support system for our fellow students.  

However, despite our commitment to unity and stability, we find ourselves navigating a landscape of continual change imposed from above.  

As a junior immersed in the RESLife community, I witness firsthand the challenges posed by shifting policies, job titles, and criteria, often without due consultation with those integral to our foundation. Regrettably, certain voices seem unwilling to heed the input of those they rely on most.  

For instance, changing rules and not including us in the change made many people leave.  

While I wasn’t part of RESLife until my junior year, when I finally made it in, I discussed with my fellow RAs and they believed that the new people in positions of power stripped the family feeling.  

Witnessing our cherished community subjected to such upheaval, driven by a singular agenda, is both disheartening and frustrating. It undermines the very essence of what drew me to this family-like environment.  

Moving forward, for future generations of the RESLife community, it would be nice that we advocate for a more inclusive and collaborative approach to change, one that honors the voices and contributions of all members not just the ones who have just stepped in only seeing things from their narrative.  

It is understandable that change is inevitable to allow growth, but it is imperative to hear the voices of the foundation that keeps that community going, the ones that actually do the work to voice their opinions on change. Only then can we truly preserve the integrity and resilience of our cherished RESLife community.