The Tattooed Pig Satisfies Tex-Mex Cravings

Located at 4405 Pennell Rd, The Tattooed Pig stands as Aston’s very first restaurant to offer Tex-Mex cuisine. Their menu ranges from chicken wings and cheesesteaks to empanadas and barbecue platters, offering them all at an affordable price.

On Friday, September 22, a group of friends and I had the pleasure of visiting The Tattooed Pig for dinner. One very notable aspect of the restaurant is their ambiance. From the purple walls decorated with the photos of past customers to the board game nook equipped with scrabble and connect 4, there was an undeniable sense of home that you felt the second you hit the door.

A painting of a pig, titled “Kiss My Ass” is one of the many eye-catching aspects of the décor.

The Tattooed Pig was started by Chefs Floyd and Angie Plum in 2007 as Plum Catering and later evolved into The Plum Pit food truck where they would begin to service Philadelphia and surrounding areas in 2014. Standing in the shopping center next to Neumann’s beloved Applebee’s is The Plum Bistro, which is now also known as The Tattooed Pig.

“The food was good, but I would not recommend this restaurant to those with high blood pressure…or vegetarians,” commented SGA Vice President Quron White.

For my meal, I ordered the barbecue brisket platter with mac & cheese and corn as my sides. The portion size was generous, and the flavors blended so well that I struggled to put my fork down.

I highly recommend this establishment to those in the nearby area. Not only does their menu offer an array of foods to enjoy, but the interactive environment makes for a great date-night or hang out with friends.

If you’re ever craving some southern barbecue or a mouth-watering taco, drive down to The Tattooed Pig to have your cravings satisfied.

Aston, I would eat it again.