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In Memoriam

Mr. Thomas J. belmont, Sr. 
Mr. Francis J. blee ’88 
Mr. Otis evans ’84 
Mr. Jasper Fitzgerald ’82 
Dr. Mac F. given 
Ms. Colleen Joan McCabe ’94 
Mr. Martin F. McKernan, Jr., esq. 
Ms. Doris Jane Mical ’87 
Sr. elizabeth Patricia Murphy ’71, OSF Ms. genevieve neely ’77 
Ms. Andrea K. Szozda ’03 
Ms. eleanor R. Tyndall 

Otis Evans ’84

Mr. Otis Evans ’84 held an impressive title
at Neumann University: oldest alumni. He turned 100 years old in January 2021.

According to Evans’s son, Michael, his father was thrilled to celebrate this milestone and was equally thrilled to be a Neumann alumnus. Evans enrolled at NU at the age of 60 and completed his BA in Liberal Studies. 

“Neumann University was the one place that gave my dad a chance. He wasn’t the typical student. They had a program that was flexible and would work for him,” Michael said of his father. “Wherever you are in your life, there’s a place at Neumann University for you.”

Neumann always held a special spot in Mr. Evans’s heart. He continued to be involved with the University even after he graduated. While in his 90s, Mr. Evans would still come to campus to volunteer in the alumni office.  

Sadly, Mr. Evans passed away in August. 


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