6 Best Jobs in PA (and Nationwide)

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Published on: 10/22/19 8:53 AM

6 Best Jobs in PA (and Nationwide)

After you make the decision to invest in a graduate degree, you want to be sure to have a good understanding of what careers are seeing positive job growth — both nationally and in the area in which you're pursuing your degree. 

From education to health professions to business, the team at Neumann University has its eyes on several industries currently experiencing high growth rates.


Set in Aston, Pennsylvania, in the heart of Delaware County, Neumann's scenic campus offers an intimate, small-town atmosphere with easy access to the cultural hub of Philadelphia, which is less than 30 minutes away by car. Neumann University is also a short distance from Washington D.C. and New York City, as both are about 2 hours and 30 minutes away.

Map showing Neumann University proximity to DC New York City and Philadelphia


The field of athletic training is booming in Pennsylvania, especially for professionals who obtain a master's in athletic training

Learn more about the Athletic Training industry by reading our eBook, A  Comprehensive Guide to Pursuing an MS in Athletic Training! 

Due largely to an aging population as well as a growing awareness of the seriousness of sports-related injuries, athletic training is a field that is expanding rapidly. The athletic training industry is expected to grow an astounding 14% by 2032, which is much higher than the national average.

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The salary that you can expect to earn as a certified athletic trainer may vary by state. In Pennsylvania, skilled professionals can earn upwards of $60,000 annually. Job prospects in other major cities are attractive as well: In New York, athletic trainers can earn over $70,000 per year, whereas top earners in Washington, D.C. have the potential to earn over $100k annually.


Physical therapists, as well as other PT-related careers, help injured or ill people improve their movement and manage their pain. Physical therapy is one of Pennsylvania's fastest-growing jobs as the average PT salary is $97,120. Pursuing an advanced degree in this field can eventually lead to higher positions such as Clinical Director, Director of Rehabilitation, and Health Care Manager.

Nationally, the median annual wage for physical therapists is $97, 7207. Employment of physical therapists is projected to grow due to an aging population. 

A Doctor of Physical Therapy degree might initially sound intimidating, but at Neumann, our program was thoughtfully crafted for your success. Our comprehensive curriculum will cover everything from neuromuscular physical therapy to biomechanics and kinesiology. Note: The DPT program at NU adopts a 3-year, weekend-taught, on-campus instructional format.


Nurse practitioners are consistently among the top careers in Pennsylvania. With an average salary of $121,610, nurse practitioners are responsible for coordinating patient care and may provide primary and specialty healthcare.

Nationally, the median annual wage for nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, and nurse practitioners is $125,900. Overall employment of advanced nurses is projected to grow 38% Which is the highest rate of growth on our list. 

If you want a dynamic and rewarding career that focuses on providing people with quality health care, you may want to apply for Neumann’s MS in Nursing program with a specialty in adult gerontology. Note: Courses start in the late afternoon and are only part-time, so they’re easy to fit into your busy schedule.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that 71,500 new jobs will be added to this field by 2032. This translates to an anticipated job growth of 18% (faster than the national average) and an excellent career outlook for qualified professionals. 

For future counselors looking to integrate spirituality within clinical  counseling practice, A Guide to Clinical Mental Health Counseling is a  must-read! 

To work as a clinical mental health counselor, professionals must obtain a minimum of a master’s degree and maintain a license to practice (in most states). Professionals with more education and advanced training are frequently rewarded with more job options, higher-paying salaries, greater chances for career advancement, and increased professional flexibility.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is strong competition for jobs in the most prestigious accounting and business firms. You can increase your chances of landing one of these positions with the knowledge you’ll gain in a relevant master’s program. The 18 months that NU’s program requires will be well worth it: master’s degree in Accounting is one of the top ten highest-paying degrees in business, with a starting salary of $78,000.

Residents of Pennsylvania who wish to pursue careers in the field of accounting are particularly fortunate. The annual mean wage for accountants in Pennsylvania is about $78,780, higher than the national average, and Pennsylvania has among the highest employment levels of accountants and auditors by state.

Additionally, accounting is listed as one of the top 5 industries for entrepreneurs, so if you’d like to launch your own business, the specialized knowledge you’ll gain from a graduate degree will give you a definite advantage!


Post-secondary education administrators, university presidents, and administrators earn an average salary of $99,940. Pennsylvania currently has 7,970 professionals employed in related positions. These jobs serve as chief executive positions for universities and address issues regarding student achievement, budgeting, and resources.

If you’re looking for roles in K-12 education, prospects look great for elementary, middle, and high school principals. With an average annual salary of $101,320 per year. 

Neumann's doctorate in Educational Leadership is the perfect fit if you’re ready to expand your career beyond the classroom by taking on more of a school principal, superintendent, or university leadership role. Note: NU's Educational Leadership program has a Pre K-12 Administrative Certification option available as well.


Regardless of your graduate program, Pennsylvania has a substantial job market with promising job growth in a large number of fields. To learn more about the graduate degrees offered at Neumann University, check out our list of programs. You can also request more information, or if you're ready, start your application online today!

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