Annual Athletic Banquet Honors Student-Athletes' Hard Work, Dedication

To conclude Division III week, Neumann University hosted its annual athletics banquet on April 18th to recognize the efforts of student-athletes who have dedicated countless hours to training and competing in various sports.

The event is a celebration of athletes’ achievements, as well as a way to showcase the talent and dedication of these young individuals.

Dr. Joseph Glass, Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR), had the opportunity to MC and present awards at the event, “We all have our own uniqueness, and I think it’s important to recognize that,” said Dr. Glass. “The more we shine a light on the athletes, the more we become a role model for other students and faculty understanding.”

Glass was very impressed with the amount of time and dedication athletes put into their day-to-day life during their season.

The athletics banquet is an opportunity for athletes, coaches, and staff to come together and reflect on the past year’s successes and challenges. It is a time to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of each athlete, both on and off the field. 

Awards are given to recognize outstanding performances in each sport as well as appreciate those athletes who live by Neumann University’s RISES values, both in the classroom and on their respective playing field. The awards are a testament to the athletes’ commitment and talent and serve as a reminder of the high standards they have set for themselves and their teams.

Senior softball player, Kat Collins, had the privilege of earning two recognitions, the Chi Alpha Sigma Honor Society induction as well as the S. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi Award.

“The honor society was a good feeling to know that the work I have put in the classroom has paid off,” said Collins. “It means a lot to me that my coaches have noticed my hard work and dedication to the team. Over the past four years I have put so much into this [softball] team, not only on the field but off the field. I feel blessed that it was being noticed,” stated Collins.

The banquet is also a chance for athletes to show their gratitude to the coaches, trainers, and support staff who have played a critical role in their success. Without these individuals, many of the athletes would not have been able to achieve their goals. 

The banquet is a way to honor these unsung heroes, who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the athletes are physically and mentally prepared to compete at the highest level. Most notably, Sr. Marguerite was greeted with a standing ovation of applause and cheers. The overwhelming amount of gratitude for Sr. Marguerite’s guidance was evident throughout the Mirenda Center, as she claimed she was “humbled” and “blessed” to be surrounded by such a dedicated group of student-athletes.

Glass claimed this moment was the highlight of his night. “On the floor of that Mirenda Center when Sr. Marguerite’s name was announced, everybody stood up and they were applauding and cheering without prompting. It just touched my heart to know that she is so loved here. I got filled up with tears because she is the reason I am here at Neumann.”

Perhaps most importantly, the athletics banquet is a way to build community and foster a sense of belonging. Athletics is a key part of university life, and the banquet provides an opportunity for athletes from different sports to come together and shar their experiences. It is a time to forge new friendships, strengthen existing ones, and create lasting memories.

The annual Neumann University athletic banquet is a time-honored tradition that recognizes the hard work and dedication of student-athletes. It is a celebration of their achievements, as well as a reminder of the high standards they have set for themselves and their teams. Through this event, athletes, coaches, and staff come together to build community, honor individual and collective accomplishments, and foster a sense of belonging that extends far beyond the playing field.