The Sounds of Neumann Athletics

The Sounds of Neumann Athletics  

Music goes with sports. It has the ability to intensify energy and get players locked in and prepared for a game or practice. Music has the ability to bring people together whether that be through victory, defeat, or just a workout session. 

Neumann athletes are no different with players and teams having songs that hype them up, that get played after victories, or that the team bonds over. So, let’s take a look at some of the sounds that our athletes are listening to.  

A few of our teams have a victory song. 

The softball team has a song for the season, which they change every year, and this year’s song is “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas. They play the song after every home victory. 

The men’s basketball team this year played Drake’s “Rich Baby Daddy” featuring Sexy Red and SZA, after every home victory.  

Teams have songs for other moments too.  

 “A song we enjoy on the field or in the locker room after a win is ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis. It’s just a song we all sing along to,” said junior Vince Landis from the soccer team.   

“It started as a joke in a team meeting but now after a win it will come on in the locker room and we all sing,” senior goalie Matt Randall. 

Besides team songs, athletes have songs that they personally use to get themselves hyped up for game time. 

Sophomore volleyball and track and field player Isaiah Raye-Ryan said, “I have too many songs to choose from, but one of my favorite personal hype songs is ‘Make No Sense’ by NBA Youngboy.” 

Nahshon Harrison-Fobbs, a freshman track and field runner provided NeuPress a virtual playlist of songs that he uses to get himself ready for a meet: 

Dreams and Nightmares-Meek Mill 

Championship-Meek Mill 

Run this Town-Jay Z 

All of the Lights-Kanye West  

Ima Boss-Meek Mill 

That Go!-YSL 

Respect the Game-Meek Mill 

The Show Goes On-Lupe Fiasco  

Mahogany-Lil Wayne  

Monster-Meek Mill  

Sophomore women’s volleyball player Ryen Hawkey likewise gave NeuPress a list of songs that her and her teammates listen to before games: 

RGF Island-Fetty Wap 


Friday-Riton, Nightcrawlers, Mufasa & Hypeman, Dopamine 



Freedom (Homecoming Version)-Beyonce  

Family Ties-Kendrick Lamar & Baby Keep  


Search & Rescue-Drake 


La Mama de la Mama- El Alfa  

Back in Blood-Pooh Shiesty  

Kannitha Phosouvanh-Sythong from the women’s tennis team shared her team’s playlist saying, “We have a combined playlist that has everyone’s different taste in music. But personally, I listen to ‘I Don’t Get Tired (#IDGT)’ by Kevin Gates.”  

The playlist can be found here and a playlist drawn from multiple sports and athletes at Neumann is here