Neumann looks to defy enrollment cliff with new ice hockey arena

In a strategic move to tackle the emerging challenge of declining college enrollment rates, Neumann University and the Ed Snider Youth Hockey & Education Organization aim to use the new ice hockey arena to appeal to future classes.  

The enrollment cliff, a term used to describe the significant drop in the number of college-bound high-school graduates, poses a threat to institutions of higher education across the nation. Faced with the impending challenge, Neumann University has taken proactive measures to ensure its continued success by forming a partnership with a renowned organization dedicated to youth development.  

“The project is a part of a larger master plan that we have developed here at Neumann. The Neumann University campus is growing and expanding. We’re meeting the needs of our students every day. Our programs, academics, student life, leadership [programs] are all advancing,” said president of the University, Dr. Chris Domes, on a webinar designed for the public to learn more information about the project.  
“This project will not only help our student life here on campus, but it also provides an avenue for academic programs that we continue to expand here at Neumann.” Said Domes.  

This initiative is set up to significantly benefit courses such as the Sport Management and Athletic Training programs significantly. With added classrooms and real-world experiences available in the arena, students will gain invaluable practical skills and insights into the dynamic world of sport management and athletic training.  

Through tailored programs and initiatives, Neumann University and the Ed Snider Youth Hockey & Education Organization intend to create a nurturing environment that not only promotes academic excellence but also cultivates essential life skills. 

Neumann has also recently announced that both the Men and Women’s Ice Hockey teams will be joining the Middle Atlantic Conference, also known as the MAC.  

Head Coach of the men’s team, Michael Hedden, explained the significance of the new conference, stating, “With the announcement of the new arena, it’s going to help with our recruiting process. We are going to be the only school in the MAC with a rink right on campus.” 

Hedden’s acknowledgment of the new arena’s impact on the recruiting process highlights the strategic advantage that Neumann gains by being the sole institution in the conference with such a facility.  

The unique selling point not only enhances the university’s appeal to prospective ice hockey players but also shows the school’s commitment to creating a vibrant campus community centered around athletics. 

This move signifies Neumann’s proactive approach to staying ahead of demographic challenges by investing in areas of strategic growth on differentiation. As institutions struggle with declining numbers of traditional college-bound students, the ability to offer unique and compelling opportunities becomes important in attracting and retaining students.  

Against the backdrop of recent challenges faced by neighboring institutions like La Salle University and Cabrini University, Neumann is aware of the need to explore new revenue streams without burdening existing students with additional fees.  

By investing in areas of strategic growth and differentiation, Neumann is aiming to defy the enrollment cliff by becoming more appealing and expanding its reach to attract new students.