Neumann Athletics: A Legacy of Success in Division III

Since transitioning from Division II to Division III in 1994, Neumann University has carved out a remarkable legacy in collegiate athletics. From standout performances to championship celebrations, the Knights have had tremendous success at the Division III level.  

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key milestones and achievements that define Neumann’s athletic prowess among its twenty-three collegiate teams. 

Most Division III Wins 

In softball, the Knights have been hitting it out of the park with an astounding 541 victories and counting since transitioning to Division III, proving they are the reigning queens of the diamond.  

“I think that’s amazing!” said sophomore catcher, Emily Ammon. “I am so lucky to be involved and a part of the Neumann softball team.” 

Similarly, in baseball, Neumann has showcased its grand slam prowess by amassing an impressive 425 wins and counting and solidifying its reputation as a powerhouse in Division III athletics. 

“This is awesome to see that we are continuing to build on from each year and win more games,” said senior pitcher Jack Valentine. 

Overall Winning Percentage 

When it comes to overall records, the men’s tennis team has an impressive record of 155 wins against 112 losses and counting, maintaining a solid winning percentage of .581.  

“We work hard and have a high team morale, so myself and other teammates aren’t surprised by this,” said Dylan Stiteler, a junior on the team. “It’s awesome that a smaller sport at Neumann can be performing well, and I hope we can get the recognition we deserve.” 

On the women’s side, Neumann’s lacrosse team has shown its dominance with a record of 232 wins and 180 losses, securing a commendable winning percentage of .559. 

“It feels really good knowing our hard work and dedication shows as well as our coach’s efforts,” said sophomore defender Ashley Butts. 

Most Conference Championships 

Success in collegiate athletics often translates to championship titles, and Neumann University has celebrated its fair share of triumphs in this regard. Both men’s soccer, who are coming off a title this fall, and softball have racked up five conference championships at the Division III level.  

“It is an honor to play for a program with such a deep-rooted history,” said junior midfielder, Connor Ryan.  

A Tradition of Excellence 

The success of Neumann University athletics in Division III is a testament to the dedication, talent, and hard work of its student-athletes, coaches, and support staff. Whether on the court, field, or diamond, the Knights have continued to represent the Neumann Knights community with pride. From thousands of victories to hard-fought championships, Neumann University remains a force to be reckoned with amongst Division III athletics.