Baseball Phenomenon Mo'ne Davis's Journey to Catholic Faith

Mo'ne Davis made history in 2014 when she became the first girl to pitch a shutout baseball game in the Little League World Series. She got so much media attention that one commentator called her the “most talked about baseball player on Earth,” but what many people do not know is that she also is a convert to Catholicism.

NeuPress contributor Zion Spearman, caught up with her for an interview about her faith.

NeuPress: Could you briefly describe your childhood and background? What role did spirituality and/or religion have in your upbringing?

Mo'ne Davis: In Philadelphia, I grew up in a close-knit household. My background has always been deeply influenced by religion. From an early age, my family was taught the value of faith and spirituality through our frequent attendance at church.

NeuPress: What especially prompted you to think about becoming a Catholic? Was there a specific instance or time that shaped your choice?

Mo'ne Davis: I've always been interested in learning about other religious perspectives, and I have Catholic friends and mentors. I gradually discovered that I was drawn to the rites and

teachings of the Catholic Church. It was a methodical process of investigation and introspection rather than an abrupt decision.

NeuPress: In your opinion, how will your faith affect both your personal and professional life, especially as an athlete and public figure?

Mo'ne Davis: I get strength and stability from my faith, which I use both on and off the field. I understand that as a well-known person, I have a platform and a need to lead by example. Being a Catholic shapes my morals and directs my behavior, which helps me deal with the difficulties and rewards that come with being an athlete.

NeuPress: Have there been any challenges or obstacles along your journey towards embracing Catholicism? How have you overcome them?

Mo'ne Davis: As with any spiritual path, there have been periods of uncertainty and doubt. It might be intimidating to convert to a new religion tradition, but my community and spiritual mentors have provided me with support and direction. I've also found that prayer and introspection have been quite helpful in getting over these difficulties.

NeuPress: With the future in mind, what are your objectives and goals for your spiritual development as a practicing Catholic? In what ways do you see yourself incorporating your faith into your next ventures?

Mo'ne Davis: I'm eager to further develop my religion as I continue on my path to embrace Catholicism. In addition to living out my religion in concrete ways—whether it be through activism, acts of service, or just being a source of encouragement and support to others—I wish to further my grasp of Catholic beliefs.