Sunday, October 11, 2020

Published on: Oct 12, 2020 9:38:29 AM

In the first reading, the Prophet Isaiah gives us insight on seeking the Lord for help, “Behold our God, to whom we looked to save us!” Evil ones want to drive a wedge between us and want us to argue. God wants us to know we can work through problems with each other and have a wonderful relationship. Evil ones want us to think we cannot resolve our differences and we just have to disagree. God wants us to feel encouraged knowing we can accomplish so much and work through difficulties. Everyone wants us to just be discouraged thinking we cannot solve issues with one another. God is stronger, therefore asking God for help is so important if you have a conflict with someone, maybe conflict between someone in your family and you do not think you can solve it by asking God for help. You can get the help you need to get this resolved. The next time you are feeling discouraged about something especially a conflict with a loved one or a friend, ask God for help. You will begin to see the path to fixing the conflict.

This week’s Responsorial Psalm resonates with me the most. In the new times we are living in, the future is so unpredictable. Your life may not be going as you have planned out, but in divine timing all things will be played out right. There is always a higher power guiding us in the right direction and protecting us. The Lord has such a positive impact on people that they reflect kindness and goodness to everyone. Even during the darkest times the future may bring, looking to the Lord for guidance may is the only thing that will give people hope. In essence there is nothing to fear when you have the Lord by your side.

gabbywilsonAnother reading that is interesting to me is the Gospel about the wedding feast. “Many are invited, but few are chosen." This statement sticks out to me the most. The Parable of The Wedding feast is about saying yes to God’s invitation to lead a life worthy to heaven. This parable stresses that one should be willing to change when he receives an invitation from God. That you have stripped off your old self with all its sinfulness. Coming to terms with yourself to build a relationship with Jesus. No more excuses about why we cannot give our life to Jesus. Do not put off anymore time with what you can do today. Having a mindset that tomorrow will come is never guaranteed. Leave your selfishness to follow Jesus. When you do decide to follow Jesus, come properly dressed. In other words, come with love, humility, and reverence etc....Saying yes to God may not be easy but in the long run will always be worth it.

Gabby Wilson '22

About The Author: Gabby Wilson '22 is a Cybersecurity major from Sharon Hill, PA.





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