Sunday, September 20, 2020

Published on: Sep 20, 2020 5:48:21 PM

Being Catholic does not mean I was always close to God. I knew he was real but I never felt like he was a part of my life. I made choices based on what I thought was right. I never enjoyed the high school I attended. Each year I wanted to leave and attend a different school but there was always something in my way preventing me from leaving. During my freshman year I wasn’t allowed to leave because since it was a choice school you had to wait till the next year to choose out. So I waited and before I could start my sophomore year I was ready to go somewhere else. Before I was about to turn in my papers to leave school my uncle called and told me I wasn’t going anywhere and that I had to remain in the school I was in. Let me tell you, I cried so hard and I just hated my life at that moment. My junior year I was set on leaving, but before school started something deep within me told me I should stay. So I emailed the principal if I could return and she said yes. My school was the second best in the state, and God eventually revealed to me the right choice was staying. Even though I am Catholic, I didn't always feel that Jesus was a part of me. He felt distant, but he wanted to show me he was always present and working even though I couldn't see it.gia rises

I know God and I don’t have the same thoughts, nor do we have the same ways. I am thankful to have a God who can show me a better way to approach things in life. I value the ability to reference the Bible when I'm not sure what decision I should make. Sometimes my way isn't always the right way but God has my back and shows me the way he wants me to take. God's thoughts are much higher than ours. Even when I have wicked thoughts, God is always ready to forgive me and show me his mercy. I find it reassuring that even though at times when I stray from my path God is always there to take me back to the path he set out for me. I am extraordinarily fond of this wisdom since it has helped me in countless ways in life. Wisdom is the angel on the right side of my shoulder guiding me through while the devil on my left wants me to continue down the path of destruction. God knows that my thoughts can wander and my ways can follow but he will always be there to show me a better way. When I have a choice to make I think about what God would want me to do. I think about when I want certain things in life but God would rather I wait for it so that he may bless me with something better.

Gia Marcinkowska ‘23

About The Author: Gia Marcinkowska is a Communications major from Wilmington, DE.





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