Claudia Fadgen

Published on: Oct 21, 2018 5:18:00 PM

Over Fall Break, I got the opportunity to work alongside Habitat for Humanity and my peers. Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit Christian organization that partners with homeowners, both current and future, to build homes that are simple and affordable for low income families. Each day, my peers and I were faced with different tasks to help accomplish the goal of finishing a house for a family.  During this trip, my eyes were opened to many things. The most important thing being that we all need to help each other out using not just our words but also our actions. A quote from John 3:18 states “Let us not love in word or speech… but in truth and action.” This quote embodies the trip as a whole because we put into action our love for the community around us and put how we felt into action. Every day we woke up with a purpose, a purpose of putting aside everything to help a family that needed it. Every day, I was facing some of my own fears, but I knew I had to do it because the end result would be worth it. Due to me facing my fears, someone’s house was being built and I knew that they would appreciate it.

Working alongside my peers was also a very rewarding thing. I not only met new people, but I also built a stronger relationship with some of them. I loved being around people that all had the same mindset. We all knew that there was a task that needed to be done, and we did it. The new relationships I built were ones that I hope will continue to grow. The relationships that were built stronger have taught me that I can find people out there who truly care for me and want the best for me.

The best part of this trip was seeing all the volunteers that came out. The first group of volunteers that we met were older men who have been with the organization for years, some even decades. It was truly inspiring to see them come out and giving up time of their days to do something truly amazing. All these men all had amazing stories, that taught me some lessons that I can now take with me. One thing that stuck out to me that one of the men said was how if you are doing something in life that you are not passionate about, then you will never be happy, and you will never put 100% of your effort into it. This touched me because coming into college I was so uncertain if what I was majoring in was the right decision, but after he said that I knew that I was truly passionate about being a nurse and helping people.

Overall, this trip was the best thing I have done so far at Neumann. It taught me how to take a step back and think about what I may be complaining about and how I feel when I help people. Helping people makes me feel better about myself, it leaves me knowing that I made a difference in someone’s life in some way and I know that they would be appreciative. I left knowing that now instead of thinking of a difference I want to make I need to put my words into action. A small difference is still a difference made to someone’s life. In this world we need to spread love and care through actions not only words.

Claudia Fadgen

About The Author: Claudia is a Class of 2022 Neumann University student.





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