Cheerleading: Our Bows Represent Our Bond With Each Other

Published on: Nov 5, 2018 9:24:00 AM

The Cheerleading team defines Stewardship as teamwork, simply, because we care, trust, support, and encourage one another. On our team, Stewardship is seen through everything that we do because it is a group effort. In order to work as a team, we need to share our thoughts, abilities, and knowledge to assist each teammate to become the best that they can be. Whether we are at practice, performing, or volunteering our time in the community, we give our best group effort by understanding our roles and by motivating each other.

While performing, we become a team and work together to make sure we execute our routine correctly. The only way that we can truly become a team is by balancing each other’s unique God-given talents and using them as a resource to succeed. On the “Balance Pillar”, the quote about Perspective states, “With reflection, putting things in their proper context provides clarity and wisdom”. It also provides a quote from Author Pat Conroy stating, “Though I learned some things from the games we won that year, I learned much, much more from loss.” I believe “Balance” defines our team the most. Without balance, we would fall apart on the court and we would not be able to work together. Without balance off of the court, our lives would fall apart.

The Cheerleading team can relate to Stewardship and Balance most recently to my unfortunate injury. About four weeks ago I was taken to the hospital, right from cheer practice, to be informed that I have a bruised tailbone and a concussion from my incident during practice. The coaches wanted us to try out a new stunt called a basket toss, but we added a twist to it.  The first toss we did had perfect form with straight lines. As for the second toss we did, unfortunately, I slipped right through my bases’ fingers, hitting directly on my tailbone, causing me to ricochet and hit my head on the matt right after that. My teammates exemplified Stewardship throughout this journey of mine by caring and supporting me each day to help me return to the team fully healthy.

From this injury, I have been out of cheer and class for about two and a half weeks, allowing me to reflect back to that day and how I can improve and encourage myself that everything happens for a reason. By gaining perspective through this minor setback, I have been given the opportunity to see Cheer through a new lens.  Now, I can see how the small details that are put into one routine can become a finished product. I also believe that by taking a breather I have a new outlook on life in regards to balancing all of my commitments. The reason that I believe this happened to my team was to show that we may not always get everything right the first few times, nor hit our routine every time at practice, but we can learn from our mistakes and help everyone improve daily through our teamwork.

Symbol of Stewardship

Bow – The symbol for Stewardship for the Cheerleading team is our bows. Our bows represent our bond with each other and finish our look as a team. When we look at our bows, it reminds us that our relationships and resources can bring us together just like the bow comes together.

Heather Tareila

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