A Jersey with a Neumann Logo Never Touches The Ground

Published on: Jan 9, 2020 9:31:00 AM

As the men’s hockey team, we define reverence in a few different ways. An example of this is not only respecting ourselves as teammates but respecting our team chaplains, opponents and officials as well. Hockey is a high contact sport, and it is often near impossible to avoid confrontation throughout a whole game. But at the end of every game you show the other team and officials the respect by shaking every opponent and coaches’ hand.  Another way our team exemplifies Reverence is by assuring that a jersey with a Neumann logo never touches the ground, even if it is a practice jersey. It is as simple as never stepping on the Neumann logo that is on the floor of our locker room. These simple guidelines set a standard for all players who have played for Neumann, currently play, and will play for Neumann in the future.  Following through with these guidelines demonstrates the love, respect, and pride that we have for this University.  Not only are we setting an example for our teammates, but the society around us as a whole. Even if it’s as simple as holding a door for a couple extra seconds while at a rest stop, these small tasks that you may not even think of can go a long way in impacting a stranger’s day.

Although hidden in plain sight, I see God as an influence in our sport because he’s the one that is watching over us every game, practice, and road trip. Ask any one of our players and they will tell you it’s a blessing to be able to play the game of ice hockey. The long road trips, early morning practices and workouts, the days that are filled with homework, class, practice, and more homework, the ups and the downs are a blessing.  We can all be viewed as sacred because God has blessed all of us with our abilities to play the sport that we love.  Additionally, I view myself as sacred not only due to my blessings but, because I know every game and practice, I have family members up in heaven looking down on me to assure my safety.

As the hockey team we travel a substantial amount every year, and on the road our display of Reverence never ceases as we wear our Neumann Knight jersey with honor and respect.  Furthermore, the ice rink, no matter what sheet of ice it is or where it is located, is a sacred place for all of us because of the relationships we build on the ice and in the locker room.  The hockey rink is a unique playing field because you can’t just go out back and skate around (Unless you’re from up North like some of our boys). It is a blessing to be able to play ice hockey up until this point of our lives, and I know by the time we’re done here, at Neumann, we’re all going to sit back and say I wish I could go back and do it again. Let’s start off the season strong!

Evan Zielinski

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