Men’s Lacrosse: Sometimes You May Have To Go Through Pain To Win

Published on: Feb 21, 2019 12:00:00 AM

The Neumann University Men’s Lacrosse team is using lacrosse gloves as a symbol of stewardship throughout the 2019 season. These gloves are worn for protection during practices and games.  This resembles stewardship for our team because while the gloves protect our hands from hits and blows, we protect and take care of our teammates.

The Neumann University Men’s lacrosse team defines stewardship as utilizing and managing all the resources that are given to us to become a stronger and better team collectively as a whole.

On the men’s lacrosse team, stewardship is exemplified when our players utilize what Neumann University provides for us such as the facilities, equipment, our coaches, and team chaplain. We use everything and anything we can get our hands on to help us grow as a team. For example, sometimes when bad weather is predicted for a practice day our practice may be moved to the Maple Zone facility.  We maintain a culture of Stewardship by taking advantage of any opportunity to practice and play the sport we love.

Furthermore, the example I chose from the Play pillar that pertains the most to our team is “Joy through Pain”. On the play pillar it states, “St. Francis of Assisi wrote the canticle of the creatures during a period of discouragement. In the midst of this pain, Francis still experienced perfect joy.” St. Francis experienced joy through pain because he knew and believed that God was with him even in the darkest times. This example best exemplifies our team because when we are working hard, exercising, and feeling pain we look to our right and then to our left and see our brother going through the same thing. We lift each other up because we know that we are going through this pain together to achieve success later.

I can personally relate to finding “Joy through Pain”, as I recently tore my ACL. This obstacle and struggle is truly painful both physically and mentally to me but, I am trying hard to find a way to grow from this obstacle. I have no doubt that my teammates will be a resource to me to help me get through this experience. With this season approaching and knowing that I will not be taking the field with my brothers, I plan on being a resource to them by being a positive voice and an extra pair of eyes to help my team succeed. I also plan on taking time to reflect and to better myself by learning more about the X’s and O’s of the game and becoming a better leader.

My lacrosse brothers believe in each other just like Francis believed God was by his side. We have this faith in each other because we hit the gym and hit the wall even if we have no energy left.  Some say lacrosse guys are a different breed of people. I say we are a breed that knows nothing is given to you and sometimes you may have to go through pain to ultimately win.

Jacques Loubeau III

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