NUWL: We Understand The Sacrifices Each Player Makes

Published on: Feb 27, 2020 10:11:00 AM

The Women’s lacrosse team put our own twist on this reflection, as all our seniors came together to pitch in what Reverence means to us as well as our whole team.

Kim believes to treat someone “with reverence” is to show them intense respect. On our team, we define reverence by showing respect to each player and coach. We strive to support each other’s abilities, qualities, and achievements. We understand the sacrifices each player makes as a division 3 athlete. We recognize and respect the uniqueness each player brings to our team. We are there for each other through the good and the bad.

Carlee sees reverence on our team through the hard work we put into every practice to make each other better.  Out of respect to our sport and opponents, we play to our best capabilities.  We respect our Chaplain and coaching staff for all the hard work they put in to making us not only better players but stronger women. We revere our school by practicing and demonstrating the RISES values on and off the field whether it is in our academics or interacting with interested recruits.

Alyssa and Court believe that as a team, we see God in our opponents, teammates, coaches, chaplain, and officials through the gratitude we feel in being able to participate in this sport.  We see God in the wins that we have worked so hard for and in the losses that we will grow from and overcome. After each game we show reverence to the players, coaches, and officials by shaking hands and saying, “good game” or wishing them luck on the rest of their season.

As student-athletes we are all sacred as we are blessed with various opportunities.  We love and cherish every moment we spend on the field, court, weight room, track, or classroom. The time we spend together here, is short and sacred. We accept that being a student-athlete and being able to wear the blue and gold and live out the RISES values is a privilege that some people will never get to experience. The field, where we spend most of our time together, is special. This is the place we make memories, a place where we leave our blood, sweat and tears and play the game we love. Our field is sacred because it is where we create everlasting relationships.

My personal favorite pregame ritual that we started last year was using a Sharpie to write a teammate’s initials on our wrist. This brings a special bond and sisterhood on game days as we play for that specific player which shows how much we value and appreciate what they bring to the team.  At the end of each freezing cold 6 AM practice, sprinting 300s, each push-up, each pass and shot, it is for each other. We play with that reverence for each other, and I believe that is what makes our team special.

Sara Ropski

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