March 31, 2019

Published on: Apr 1, 2019 2:46:43 PM

This Sunday is the fourth Sunday in Lent. During this Lenten season, I have been participating in the RCIA program with the intention of getting confirmed this spring. Confirmation has added so much excitement to my Lenten season this year. Along with excitement, I have had time to reflect. I have reflected on why we offer things up for Lent, and why we fulfill our sacraments for God. By giving something up for Lent, I have found how hard it is to make one little change by not doing something. What I have taken from my sacrifice is very eye opening. We struggle to give up one thing for 40 days, but God never once struggled to give us the world, no matter what sacrifices he had to make. I have gotten a deeper insight on why we fulfill our sacraments as Catholics. From this, I feel as if we become one with God as our sacraments are fulfilled. I am being confirmed so that I can be as close as I can to God while being completely accepted into the Catholic Church. In our responsorial Psalm, we respond with “Taste and see the goodness of the Lord.” To me, that is what Easter and the Lenten season is all about. As we take our communion, we taste and see the goodness of the Lord. As we approach Easter, we think of the goodness of the Lord and all he has done for us. In our reading for this week the second reading talks about old things passing away and new things coming. I relate this to Lent again, because we give up something for Lent in hope we lay a bad habit to rest, and find new things to replace it. Also, Easter comes into play because the resurrection of the Lord, lays old things down, and introduces a new world to us. Lent helps us address what the Lord does for us, and show him that we love him enough to make a sacrifice for him. Easter helps us go forward into the year, knowing Jesus has resurrected. I am excited to get confirmed a few short days after Easter to really end this precious time on a good note. By giving something up for Lent, I have been moving forward in my relationship to God. I have showed him that I am strong enough to break a habit for him, and with his guidance I will make it through. Though I have been making a deeper connection with God during Lent, I am excited to expand this relationship with my confirmation. My confirmation will be what puts me at God’s finger tips. He will see my love and appreciation for him.

Taylor Ayers '21

About The Author: Taylor is a Social Work major from Pennsburg, PA.





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