Young alumnus, 30, named president of nationwide company

Published on: March 6, 2023

Young alumnus, 30, named president of nationwide company

Anyone who knew Frank Altamuro while he was a student at Neumann University expected him to do well after graduation. However, becoming president of a national company may have exceeded those expectations.

The MCS Group, Inc. (MCS) recently named Altamuro president. His career with MCS began in 2017 as an accounting manager, and he soon moved to director of finance and human resources. In 2020, he was promoted to chief financial officer.

MCS was founded in 1979 by Rosemary Esposito and David Bean and is a certified Women's Business Enterprise. The company is a nationally recognized outsourcing service provider, including records and reporting, management services, and technology solutions. Their clients include law firms, insurance companies, corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions. MCS is headquartered in Philadelphia.

Altamuro's career trajectory with MCS escalated when COVID hit. Among the many other services that MCS offers its clients is onsite services. The need for front-line workers drastically increased during the pandemic. Altamuro, as the leader of the MCS HR department, implemented new safety protocols and transitioned half of the employees to remote work. The company's founders noticed and appreciated his efforts in this new role and the one that followed (CFO).

"Frank's leadership as CFO during times of uncertainty made it clear that he has the expertise and instincts that we see as integral for this position," said Esposito.

Altamuro is the type of person who gets involved. At Neumann, he served as president of the Student Government Association, president of the Mock Trial Club, resident assistant, and presidential ambassador, and he endowed the Riley Scholarship by raising money for cancer research. He embraced the university's RISES values and service learning and carried these with him as he began his career.

"The leadership and service opportunities at Neumann contributed to the success in my career. I'm grateful to the university and felt equipped when I hit the workforce."

When Altamuro first started with the MCS, he was required to watch a video about servant leadership. He quickly realized that this company had a parallel to his alma mater's values. MCS has "Pillars of Success" that Altamuro compares to Neumann's core values.

"I tell the story often about my leadership roles at Neumann because the company and Neumann are very similar and have certain values they hold close. The leadership style here is servant leadership. The reason I'm successful at MCS is because it aligns with me personally," he explained.

Altamuro saw his career in finance and was honored when his company trusted him with the role of CFO. He worked hard and exceeded the company's expectations.

"I have new energy and motivation going into the next few years. The challenge excites me. The people excite me," he said. "We learn from each other. We listen to each other. We're ready to accelerate."





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