Study Abroad Program Returns Next Semester

Published on: December 20, 2021

Study Abroad Program Returns Next Semester

Next semester, four Neumann students will continue their studies in Europe as the university's study abroad program returns after COVID shutdowns. Senior Political Science major Saran Barry, juniors Raiven Williams, Business Administration, Alissabeth Perez, Political Science/Business Administration, and sophomore Education major Adianis Diaz will attend universities in England and Ireland in 2022.

"After having been cooped up for so long with travel and quarantine restrictions, the world is opening up again to international travel, and we're excited to be able to offer opportunities for our students to go abroad for an entire semester again," said Jen Mintzer, assistant director of career and personal development for global engagement. "We're excited that we're back to pre-pandemic levels of interest in study abroad. Our study abroad partners are diligently working with our students to ensure the highest level of safety."

Diaz, Perez, and Barry will be studying at St. Mary's University in London, England. Williams will be attending St. John's University, which offers the opportunity to study for five weeks in three different locations - Rome, Paris, and Limerick, Ireland.

All of the students are eager to continue their studies in a foreign country. This was a lifelong dream that took much consideration prior to signing up for many.

"I've wanted to travel the world since I was in elementary school. I have to explore and better myself, and studying abroad will do that," said Williams, who will be celebrating her 21 birthday while she studies in Rome.

Diaz, who is a first-generation college student, has traveled frequently to Mexico visiting family but has never been to Europe. She is looking forward to broadening her horizons and meeting new people. However, she was delighted to discover that other NU students would be studying at the same university.

Barry has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Africa. Her parents immigrated to the United States from Africa's Ivory Coast. She has relatives living in Europe who she plans on visiting while she is abroad.

Barry, who plans to go to graduate school after graduation and become a college professor, never thought studying abroad was an option until she met with her advisor and program dean. As a Political Science major, Barry feels this experience will enhance her education.

Mintzer said the key is planning early so general electives can be taken abroad for NU faculty and staff who may be aware of students interested in studying abroad. 

"If any students are interested in learning more about the opportunities that exist, they should reach out to, to schedule an appointment. A lot of students don't realize that studying abroad is often cheaper than or comparable to the costs of spending a semester at Neumann," she explained.





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