ASTON, Pennsylvania — “Heyyyyy how ya doin?”

That is how Neumann University student Alexander Castells starts his radio show “Real Time w/ Castells” that he hosts every Thursday night from 8-10 p.m. “Real Time” is a talk show where Castells and friends talk about pretty much anything and everything, branching from current events to sports or simply life experiences.

Castells also noted that they mix in a variety of games to entertain the listeners of 98.5 WNUW, which is Neumann University’s very own radio station. The featured game they play is “this or that,” which is a simple but engaging game that involves one person saying two related objects or topics of interest, and the other people saying what their preference is. It's a simple game but is effective in sparking talking points for the host and guests to discuss. Castells also says that “we play other games that constantly change over the course of the show.”

Castells started his radio career when he started at Neumann University, saying “I got into it when I enrolled here at Neumann. I was never into it before really, but it always seemed fun and interesting. I love sports so once I found out I could have my own sports show, I immediately knew I was going to going to get into radio.”

Castells has also been a part of many shows featured on WNUW in the past, including “Take it Easy: Sports Mafia,” “Coppola and the Morning Team” and “Mac on the Mike,” along with others that he’s been a guest on.

WNUW is just one of the many opportunities that allow students here at Neumann to engage with their creative side and provide a service to the community. Castells is a perfect example of how creativity and service are an important part of Neumann Media and the university as a whole.

Castells is a junior from Sicklerville, New Jersey, and a Communications and Digital Media major. Aside from his radio show, other work he does in the realm of communications includes being an audio editor for radio sweepers for WNUW and helping with video and TV productions at school. He has also recently started an internship with the Philadelphia Union that involves video production.

Regarding a future radio career, he said, “I do plan on continuing a career in radio after college. I would like to host my own sports show either on 97.5 The Fanatic, or on 94.1 WIP. If not sports, I enjoy music very much and entertainment. If radio is not in the books for me after college, I plan to pursue a career in either video or audio potentially. If not that, then I will do whatever benefits myself and future family.”

Tune into “Real Time w/ Castells” on 98.5 WNUW and check out what other students are creating and doing, because they’re making a lot of cool stuff that’s worth tuning in to.