5 Ways to Network in Sport Business like a Pro

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Published on: 4/7/21 1:59 PM

5 Ways to Network in Sport Business like a Pro

Everything you did in your undergraduate studies and all of your professional decisions have been made with this goal in mind — landing a meaningful, successful sport business career.

Why? Because sports are your passion.

As a growing industry, there are numerous opportunities for work in careers in sports, but sport business jobs are coveted and the competition for them is fierce.

Still up for the challenge? Take a look at these tips for networking in sports and securing a sport business career.

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There is no doubt, securing an internship in the sport business or management industry is highly competitive, however, it is indispensable if you want a career in the field.

Internships in sports provide the opportunity for networking in sports, forming personal connections, and making lasting impressions — all helpful elements if you want a job in sport business.

You will also gain invaluable hands-on experience in an internship, which translates to skills that can be put on a resume and give you a competitive edge when applying for positions.  


Having someone to personally guide you through the process of navigating the professional sport business world is a game changer. A mentor can provide invaluable insights, assistance, and recommendations when you are faced with new and unfamiliar challenges.

At Neumann University, we provide this personal mentorship to students because we have an industry relations specialist ready and available to provide personalized help! Students work directly with our industry specialist to create student volunteer, internship, and job placement opportunities at the start of the program through completion.

If you are interested in working with sports teams, Neumann’s graduate Sport Business program features professors with expert experience in the industry working for entities such as Comcast SportsNet, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the National Lacrosse League.

3. Build Professional Sport and Business Relationships:

We already touched on the importance of networking in sports, but you really should consider the overwhelming value of building professional relationships when trying to launch your career in sport business. 

Network building takes time and effort, but building professional relationships while in school and while working in entry-level positions is crucial to landing the job you want in a sports-related field. In other words, never expect someone to just offer you a job or an internship — internalize now that you must build professional relationships in order to advance in the workforce.  

In addition, make sure that you explore all your networking options — both in-person and through digital platforms. More and more online professional networking sites and social media are influencing the professional spheres. By remaining active and engaged on these platforms, you can build your credibility and increase your visibility and reach. You never know which connections you make could lead to future professional relationships and opportunities.

4. Join a sports organization, read publications, and listen to podcasts:

When it comes to professional associations for sport business and management professionals, the selection is vast. Organizations exist at both the local and national level. Organizations can have either a broad or specific focus, serving either a large and general population or honing in on a specific group.

So, why should you join a professional organization? These associations often provide a number of benefits, such as access to conferences, special publications, and selective networking opportunities.

Professional Sports Organizations:



5. Obtain a Graduate Sport Business Degree:

As the sport business industry continues to grow and become more competitive, education becomes increasingly important in beating out competitors for jobs.In fact, the number of sport education programs, both undergraduate and graduate, has grown significantly over the past three decades.

If you are looking to build on an undergraduate degree in sports business or management, the Master of Science in Sport Business at Neumann University is an excellent place to start.

This advanced degree program is designed for both traditional and non-traditional students and provides students with the opportunity to refine their specialization in the field. NU's master's degree in Sport Business is designed with the working professional in mind and is ideal for those who are seeking experience in the field as they also work toward their degree. The “accelerated format” requires fewer credits than standard-format degrees. The accelerated program also allows students to complete their degree in a shorter period of time.

With this graduate degree, you'll reap the benefits of an advanced business program, but the required courses are related to sports and sport management. This makes your education industry specific and provides you with a leg up on your competition.

Networking in Sports at Neumann University:

We know your time is valuable and things like returning to school and networking in sports can seem challenging to the working professional. However, if you really want the best chance at beating out the competition and securing a job in the sport business industry, take these suggestions to heart and invest in your future career.

We are excited to help you pursue your professional goals in the sport business industry. If you have any questions, please feel free to request more information today!

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Bettsy McKlaine

 Bettsy McKlaine

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