Management vs. Leadership: Why Ethical Business Leadership Skills Are So Important

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Published on: 9/12/18 6:16 AM

Management vs. Leadership: Why Ethical Business Leadership Skills Are So Important

What is it that distinguishes those who simply manage from those who truly lead? After all, not all managers are leaders, and not all leaders are managers.

In a nutshell, leaders have followers. They are people who cultivate "followings," who have a natural charisma that brings others to them and inspires trust. Managers can and should be leaders, but you’re not a leader just because you have people who work for you. You must be someone others want to follow. Additionally, just because others want to mimic you doesn’t mean they should. If you’re going to be a leader, you need to be a force for good.

Ethical business leadership skills are critical for anyone in, considering, or approaching management roles.

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Leadership Traits

On top of setting the example others want to mimic, leaders indisputably possess the following characteristics:

  • They understand business goals and play key roles in both developing and reaching them.
  • They influence strategic direction and help others see and execute the vision.
  • They adapt to change with ease and bounce back from pitfalls with grace.
  • They have high emotional intelligence, meaning they’re mature and know how to separate business issues from personal issues.
  • They stay up-to-date on industry trends, so their advice is timely and relevant.

Being a leader makes you an invaluable asset to any business, and it enables you to make a positive, ethical influence on your industry.

In short, business landscapes need leaders, not just managers.

Benefits to the Business

Leaders are instrumental in moving businesses forward. Similarly, by wrapping their minds around the strategic direction of the business and helping others do the same, leaders aid in creating a cohesive workforce where everyone’s eyes are on the same prize. Their abilities to adapt to change and maintain deference and maturity through any business situation ease tension throughout the company and alleviate some of upper management’s stress.

Finally, by staying current on trends, they ensure their contribution to the business makes sense and provides value.

Benefits to the Industry

The value leaders provide extends far beyond the company they work for and the people they interact with. The leaders within any industry help set the tone of the entire field.

It is certainly possible to be a charismatic leader with bad intentions. It is possible to be a leader of negativity and destruction. For those who have what it takes to lead, the responsibility to be a positive force is huge. You must look beyond your natural gifts and ensure the example you’re setting is ethical and one that others should want to follow. It’s not enough to draw a crowd, you must have something worthwhile to show them.

Neumann University can prepare you as an ethical and successful leader in the field of business.

Being a leader is a powerful thing. It’s a natural gift that should not be downplayed or taken for granted.

If you are a natural-born leader who wants to put those skills to use in the business world, check out Neumann University’s Organizational and Strategic Leadership master’s program. Check out the program to get the tools you need to climb the corporate ladder. This program will help you understand and sharpen business leadership skills and ensure you’re using them to move yourself, your company, and your industry in a positive direction.

If you want to find or further your skills as a purpose-driven leader, we invite you to request more information about our M.S. in Organizational and Strategic Leadership (or our other types of business degrees) today!

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Kathryn LeConey

 Kathryn LeConey

About The Author: Kathryn LeConey, MS is the Assistant Director of Adult and Graduate Programs at Neumann University. She is a Delaware County native and has worked in Higher Education for five years. As a Graduate Enrollment Management professional, she is passionate about student success and the role that a Graduate education plays in the self-actualization of students.


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