Why is NU's Sport Business Program Perfect for Working Professionals?

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Published on: 3/18/21 6:17 AM

Why is NU's Sport Business Program Perfect for Working Professionals?

Sport Business: What is it, really? Who is it for? How can you jumpstart your career in this specialized field?

At Neumann University, we are dedicated to preparing you for success in the field of sport business by involving faculty who have professionally been where you want to go and by making completing your degree as efficient and easy as possible.

Here's why we think the field of sport business is perfect for busy, working professionals and aspiring career changers.

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Let's start at the beginning: What is sport business?

Sometimes referred to as Sport Management in other academic institutions, Sport Business teaches business knowledge in a sport-focused setting — resulting in a much more specific kind of business degree.

In NU’s Sport Business graduate program, you’ll learn about the numerous elements that go along with working with sports teams, facilities, athletic departments, agencies, brands, and more.

A Master of Science in Sport Business covers several subjects of study including business analytics, marketing and sponsorship activation, digital media and communication, event and facility management, financial management and legal issues. You will have the opportunity to focus specifically on the sports sector of business and discover where you belong when the time comes to look for a career.

How does Neumann's Sport Business degree have the working professional in mind?

Neumann's own Sport Business graduate program has an “accelerated format,” meaning the number of credits is fewer than standard-format degrees. This option was created with the working professional in mind and those seeking experience as they also work toward their degree. Accelerated programs also allow students to complete their degree in a shorter period of time with lower tuition rates.

This is not your average business administration program, as all of the required courses are related to sports. A few of these sport-based courses include:

  • Leadership and Sport Organizational Behavior
  • Financial Management in Sport Business
  • Revenue Strategies and Pricing in Sport
  • Digital Media, Communications, and PR in Sport
  • Event & Facility Management in Sport Business

Many keywords in these courses — leadership, management, finance, sport — indicate that the program is still business-related but with a focus on sports.

Also, if you’re interested in working with sports teams, Neumann’s program features staff and faculty ALL with expert experience in the industry with companies like NASCAR, NBC Sports, Major League Soccer and the National Lacrosse League.

In addition, students can work directly with Neumann’s Industry Relations Specialist to create “volunteer, internship and job placement opportunities” while you earn the degree. This Specialist is dedicated to helping students create their brand and build relationships with organizations in the sport industry.

Why is sport business a good field for career changers?

There are plenty of people who go to college, get a degree in a field they think is a good fit, and then realize a few years down the road that their degree isn't going to prepare them for the field they really are passionate about.

If this sounds like you, and if you're looking for careers in sports, we urge you to consider a graduate program in Sport Business at Neumann University. Our Sport Business master's program does not require you to hold a bachelor's degree in business or management or even something sports-related, making our advanced SB program perfect for those considering a career change.

Neumann's renowned Sport Business professionals are here to help you become exceptional.

A specialized degree in Sport Business can allow you to demonstrate your expertise in a sports-centric field and will appeal more to employers and thought leaders in the sports industry.

Neumann University’s Master of Science in Sport Business is a great way to gain more knowledge and experience regarding how the industry functions and how to jumpstart a successful career by standing out from your peers and by building credibility through professional networks.

Neumann wants anyone with a love of sports, no matter their education and career background, to feel encouraged to study Sport Business with the intentions of gaining and enhancing the skills necessary to succeed in this growing and competitive field.

Come find out if Neumann University’s Sport Business master’s program is the right place for you to start following your academic and professional dreams: Request more information today!

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 Bettsy McKlaine

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