Top 10 Degrees to Consider for Making Real Community Impact

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Published on: 5/18/22 6:42 AM

Top 10 Degrees to Consider for Making Real Community Impact

Are you looking for an education that will enable you to make a tangible difference in your local community?

At Neumann University, we understand that a potential salary increase is far from the only reason that many students choose to pursue an advanced degree. While money can be a motivating factor, many prospective graduate students are equally passionate about making a meaningful societal impact.

Let's dive a little deeper and explore several degree programs available at Neumann University that are perfect for those hoping to make a difference in the lives of others.

Degrees for Social and Community Impact:

1. Clinical Laboratory Science

At Neumann University, we are proud to offer a NEW Master of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science program — uniquely designed to equip you with the tangible analytical skills needed to investigate, analyze, and diagnose diseases. 

️ Download NU's resource: Getting a Clinical Laboratory Science Degree.

Professionals seeking a career in clinical laboratory science generally have a background in chemistry, biology, microbiology, or immunology before going on to obtain a master’s or a post-baccalaureate certificate in clinical laboratory science.

In order to become a clinical laboratory scientist and secure a successful career, there’s ample data that suggests the value of obtaining an advanced degree in this discipline. For instance, the median annual salary for a clinical laboratory scientist is $60,605, according to PayScale, but pay tends to be higher for medical laboratory scientists with a master’s degree. Professionals with a graduate degree are also less likely to be affected by unemployment and layoffs.


2. Business and Organizational Leadership

Neumann University’s Master of Science in Business and Organizational Leadership prepares professionals to lead high-performing teams, develop effective strategies, and make a positive impact in the lives of others. Graduates develop the tools necessary to find innovative solutions to business management and societal challenges.

Looking to master the art of change leadership? Download the Business and  Organizational Leadership Guide!

Through a curriculum that ranges from knowledge management, legal issues, and public policy, to fiscal planning, leading organizational change, and ethical responsibilities, students emerge ready to assume advanced leadership careers in the workplace and the community.

3. Athletic Training

At Neumann University, we recognize the ever-changing environment of health care in the world today, and our faculty of the Athletic Training graduate program strongly believe that the profession of athletic training is quickly becoming a career that is both highly desirable and respected.

Thinking about getting a master's in athletic training? Download NU's Athletic  Training Guide! 

Athletic training is a field that is expanding rapidly. Due largely to an aging population as well as to a growing awareness of the seriousness of sports-related injuries, the industry is expected to grow an astounding 16 percent by 2029. 

Athletic Training for Community Impact

4. Education: Social and Emotional Learning

Emotional health, social awareness, psychological safety: There are so many factors that directly impact a student’s ability to learn and acquire knowledge. With Neumann University’s Master of Science in Education with an Emphasis on Social Emotional Learning, graduate students develop the skills needed to understand students’ emotions, set positive goals, show empathy, and ultimately, transform the lives of students — in an academic setting and beyond. 

Why is social emotional learning in education? Download NU's Education: Social  Emotional Learning Guide to learn more!

The intention of this social emotional learning program is to make explicit how social emotional learning integrated into academics improves attendance, graduation rates and prospects for employment, increases capacity for learning, mastery of subject material, commitment to school, time devoted to school work, and standardized test scores while reducing suspensions and grade retention. The program is perfect for working adults and is exciting, challenging, rewarding, practical, meaningful, and immediately transferable to the classroom.

5. Public Safety Administration

Neumann University's Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Administration is an accelerated, online undergraduate degree completion program and is unique in that it’s designed for adults currently working in the fire service, law enforcement, and emergency medical services fields. In other words, many public safety administration programs (including Neumann University’s own degree completion program) have an expectation upon admission that professionals have prior training or even education directly related to these fields.

Interested in securing a public safety career? Download NU's Public Safety  Administration Guide! 


Professionals who pursue a public safety administration degree are then prepared to pursue competitive, leadership roles in public safety, such as public safety managers, health services managers, or emergency management directors.

firefighter working with other public safety professionals

6. Physical Therapy

Physical therapists make a median annual wage of $86,850, and demand for them is increasing: This field is projected to grow nearly 30 percent in the coming years. If you’ve been thinking about pursuing a career in physical therapy, now is the time!

A Doctor of Physical Therapy degree might sound intimidating at first, but in our program at Neumann, we’ve done everything we can to set you up for success. Our comprehensive curriculum will cover everything from neuromuscular physical therapy to biomechanics and kinesiology.

Note: The DPT program at NU adopts a 3-year, weekend-taught, on-campus instructional format.

7. Accounting

In Neumann University’s Master of Science in Accounting with an Emphasis on Forensics and Fraud Detection, Because this graduate program builds a broader base of knowledge in the area of fraud and forensic accounting compared to a more traditionally-focused graduate degree in accountancy, Neumann’s Master of Science in Accounting remains a strategic option for professionals looking to develop the investigative skills needed to expose white collar crime.

What is forensic accounting? Download NU's Forensic Accounting Guide to learn  more about this niche field! 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “the median annual wage for accountants and auditors was $71,550 in May 2019” for accountants and auditors at the national level. BLS also predicts that employment for accountants in the United States will increase 6 percent by 2028.

getting a masters in accounting online or in person

8. Clinical Mental Health Counseling

As demand for clinical mental health counselors has been rising, you can learn how to provide much-needed professional insight that will impact people’s lives in a positive way by earning a graduate degree.

Working in the field of mental health counseling is arguably one of the most challenging and rewarding careers you can find. The curriculum we offer at Neumann includes valuable courses on topics such as addiction, trauma, and career counseling so that you’ll gain a wide range of knowledge and a variety of skills to better help people in need.

Thinking about becoming a counselor? Download NU's Clinical Mental Health  Counseling Guide today! 

Our Pastoral Clinical Mental Health Counseling is nationally ranked and is designed to prepare you to pass professional exams such as the NCE. 

9. Educational Leadership

Do you want to learn how you can impact the students in your community by improving their educational experience on a macro level? A doctorate in Educational Leadership is the perfect fit if you’re ready to expand your career beyond the classroom by taking on more of a school principal or superintendent role.

Our curriculum will give you the resources you need to become a leader in the education field. You’ll learn how to develop innovative curricula and implement school-wide plans that will transform the lives of the students around you. With this prestigious degree, you’ll be well-equipped for working as a school principal, a job that commands a median annual salary of nearly six figures.

Business leader on zoom call-1

10. Nursing

If you want a mission-drive career that focuses on providing people with quality health care, you may want to apply for Neumann’s M.S. in Nursing program with a specialty in adult gerontology. Courses start in the late afternoon and are only part time, so they’re easy to fit into your busy schedule.

It’s evident that our program is designed for success: Last year, 100 percent of the students in the program passed the national AGNP certification exam!

The career outlook for those in the nursing field is bright. In the coming years, there will be increased demand for nurse practitioners who have the ability help the aging population with their health issues. The median annual salary for an adult gerontology nurse practitioner is almost $87,000.

At Neumann University, we will prepare you to make real social impact in your community.

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While coming from varied backgrounds, all professionals who seek to obtain a graduate degree at Neumann University share common goals: to transform their industry, to advance their career, to effectively promote change, and to become the solution to a multitude of industry challenges.

At Neumann University, we want to do everything we can to help you build a fulfilling career. For this reason, we encourage you to explore our graduate programs. You can also request more information or apply online today!

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 Bettsy McKlaine

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