Which Master’s Degree in Education is Right for You?

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Published on: 7/12/21 10:46 AM

Which Master’s Degree in Education is Right for You?

As we seek to regain normalcy in 2021, it is crucial that passionate educators like you nurture the next generation of driven changemakers who will perpetuate progress — in the classroom and beyond. 

Whether you're an emerging teacher or veteran leader in the field of education, getting a master's degree in education will enhance your ability to lead, particularly in times of change.

In an effort to help you decide which graduate education program is right for you, we put together an interactive education resource that will help you to do exactly that. 

Choosing a master's degree in education:

When considering going back to school for a graduate education program, it’s critical that you choose the program that aligns with your career goals.

Here ares some questions you should ask yourself in order to narrow down which graduate education degree will prepare you for success in whatever area of education you see yourself in.

Pro Tip: Take this interactive survey to determine which graduate education  degree aligns with your goals!

  1. Are you interested in teaching at a public or private school?
  2. Are you interested in working with a specific population?
  3. Are you interested in working in the state of Pennsylvania?
  4. Do you already have a master’s degree in education?
  5. Are you already a certified teacher in the state of Pennsylvania? 

Other factors to consider as you think about getting a master's degree in education:

These are some other questions we'll answer for you with our interactive education resource:

  1. What's the employment outlook for teachers in Pennsylvania?
  2. What's the employment outlook for teachers in surrounding states?
  3. How much can teachers expect to earn with a graduate degree?
  4. How will a master's degree in education make me marketable?
  5. What graduate education programs does Neumann University offer

Not sure if you're interested in a Master's program? Explore our resource now  to learn more about the education certification and endorsement programs we  offer!

Achieve a master's degree in education at Neumann University!

Whether you're already a certified teacher or whether you're looking to enter the field of education, Neumann University offers several respected and flexible graduate education programs (in addition to certifications and endorsements) that will help you cultivate and enhance your skills across a variety of school environments.

At Neumann University, we understand that making the decision to pursue a master’s degree in education is a major investment, plain and simple. That said, armed with a respected graduate education degree,  you will enter the education field with the sought-after skills and advanced knowledge needed to transform the lives of your students.

If you are ready to make yourself indispensable to employers and nurture the skills needed to be a fantastic educator, then we encourage you to connect with us!

Thinking about obtaining a master's degree in education? Explore Neumann University's interactive education program resource!Explore the Resource


Bettsy McKlaine

 Bettsy McKlaine

About The Author: Bettsy McKlaine is the Executive Director of Enrollment Management, Degree Completion & Graduate Programs at Neumann University and a proud Alumna. The Neumann Community has become her second family and she loves to interact with students, both from the undergraduate and graduate population. Her favorite time of year is at the start of each semester as students begin classes!


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