Students march to end gun violence

On April 5th Judith Colt, an undergraduate junior psychology major, and Lelah Tehmeh, an undergraduate junior political science major, organized a march in support of ending gun violence, the leading cause of death for American children.

In front of the Mirenda Center, students and Neumann faculty gathered. Several students, faculty members, guest speakers, and mothers of gun violence victims spoke about their feelings regarding gun violence and what actions should be taken.

“The school gathered to combat violence in a non-violent way,” said Dr. Chris Domes, university president.

“When will our generation know what it’s like not to fear and not be another statistic,” said Colt.

“There should be legislative action.” According to Colt, efforts should be made to improve policies and to establish sensible gun laws.

Domes stated that guns are now the #1 killer of young people in America and that we should stand in solidarity with victims of gun violence.

“Be people who console and love,” he said.

Leanne Kruger, a Pennsylvania State Representative for District 161, also spoke as a mother. "As a mom, I am tired of my son asking about school shootings," she said.

Kruger expressed optimism regarding the upcoming gun reform legislation originating from Harrisburg.

“We hold all the power. They will bend,” said Meredith Elizalde in reference to law makers. She is the mother of Eric Elizalde, who was tragically killed by gun violence at Roxborough High School.

 Liz Loeper, a nursing professor at Neumann University and board member of GunSenseUs, is another mother who has lost her son Jamie Loeper as a result of gun violence.

"Anyone can buy a gun, but not everyone knows how to use it," said Loeper

In order to achieve change, Loeper urged us to get involved and contact our legislators.

Tehmeh read a letter she wrote to the lawmakers, urging them to listen to the people and amend current legislation.

"The people will give up your seat if you do not listen and act," Tehmeh said.

The students and faculty marched from the Mirenda Center to the Bachmann Main Building lawn, where a few students and guests spoke about gun violence.

In response to the senseless acts of gun violence, a Neumann student named Wisdom (Gia Marcinkowska) performed a rap, followed by a prayer.